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However, the new native TRIM support appears to be limited to stock Apple drives, as users with third-party SSDs installed have reported that the feature is not enabled by the update, according to a MacRumors report. The TRIM command enables an operating system to optimize a solid state drive by cleaning up unused bits of deleted files. Apple had been preparing support for the feature in Mac OS X Lion for this summer, but apparently decided to bring the feature to Snow Leopard as well.

Meanwhile, aset of benchmarks from MacsOnly shows the latest version of Snow Leopard to include graphics improvements that boost gaming performance. In particular, OpenGL received a substantial boost of as much as 48 percent, according to the graphics test. Users have reported real-world improvements to the frame rates of various games after installing Mac OS X The update appears to erase an intermittent issue with graphics performance that was affecting users of Mac OS X Mac OS X Other fixes in the update include: resolution of an issue with Preview, improved support for IPv6, improved VPN reliability, and the ability to identify and remove known variants of the Mac Defender malware.

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TRIM Enabler for Mac

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Trim Enabler for Mac

Will we see a Trim Enabler for Lion soon? Is it okay to use Trim Enabler 1.

Snow Leopard 10.6.8 Ssd Trim Enabler 2.2 Dmg Download

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Improving on all of the features that made Trim Enabler the #1 SSD utility for Mac users worldwide.

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However, if you usage is working with lots of videos or you are constantly copying pictures say duplicating them into another Folder all the time, then you might be pushing things. El Capitan does include the 'trimforce' command.

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  5. Improving on all of the features that made Trim Enabler the #1 SSD utility for Mac users worldwide..
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But I'm not sure you really need to upgrade "Just" for trimforce. If for some reason you need to upgrade to El Capitan or newer then getting trimforce would be a bonus. I just do not think trimforce is something worth chasing. May 10, AM. Page content loaded. Thanks for that very detailed answer Bob, I use it for all my work, paperwork, emails, Web, photoshop etc.

So there's a fair bit of deleting going on, so I wonder if it's something I should be doing. So basically, deleting Trash regularly isn't going to be enough then. After a search a few people having problems with the TRIM enabler. Would you recommend that for SL?

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And the line command I saw on one article for Terminal was on a later OS and system though. I saw this today, does it make sense to you, which is which and which for El Cap, presume they both do the same thing or they're for different OS? Both Terminal commands, is that what you've used prior? May 10, PM in response to the tall In response to the tall.

does SSD have garbage collection and if not will Trim enabler work

You know, I don't remember if you need to set it again after a major upgrade. I don't think you should have to, but I just cannot remember any more. May 10, PM.

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