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A heads-up display on the monitor advises users as to which application is active and what function is being performed. The Slimblade departs from other Kensington trackball designs by employing a 55 mm trackball which is noticeably heavier for its dimensions than other models. While providing users with a stylish look and generous functionality, the Slimblade Media Control Trackball does require repetitive pinching and twisting actions to perform common tasks.

As well, the increased elevation of the trackball above the housing can lead to significantly greater wrist extension than other trackball designs.

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These types of actions and hand placement are often considered potential contributors to the development of complaints such as carpal tunnel or other RSI. Users may wish to consider the intended usage and the degree to which these actions may be required along with any realized benefits when selecting a suitable device.

The silicone-coated, slip-free steering pad requires only finger Note that cursor control is achieved on the Mousetrapper by using the fingertips to move the steering pad itself. Compare this functionality with touchpads, where cursor control is achieved by moving the finger tip across a static surface. A left click can be activated anywhere on the steering pad. Buttons around the steering pad provide quick access to double click, left click, right click and middle click functions. The Mousetrapper Advance features palm supports and has an an attached, flexible gray mat on which to place the keyboard.

Like most central pointing devices, the Mousetrapper Advance requires no overextension of the shoulder joint, and can significantly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries to the muscles of the shoulder and upper back. Compare Central Pointing Devices: Le clic gauche peut ce faire n'importe quand, et n'importe ou sur le pad de pilotage. Il a aussi des supports-main pour donner un coussin pour vos paumes pendant la dactylographie, et pendant l'usage du pad pilotage.

Veuillez Noter: Le clavier n'est pas inclus. The 3 Switch Interface requires software for programming but is self-reliant for operation. This means it can be programmed on one computer and transferred between computers as needed, providing an instant and easily portable customized control solution where needed.

The RollerMouse Pro3 by Contour Design is a central pointing device which uses a rollerbar instead of a traditional mouse and is designed to sit immediately in front of your keyboard below the space bar. This allows the user to perform all mousing ac This allows the user to perform all mousing activity inline in the area immediately "below" their keyboard, eliminating the need to reach for a mouse.

The RollerMouse Pro3 is ideally suited for workspaces with insufficient room for a mouse in that it frees up space, providing more room for a user with limited available space. The cursor is moved by rolling a "dowel" or cylindrical control bar with the fingertips to move the cursor "up" and "down", and sliding this bar from side to side for horizontal movement.

Once the desired location is achieved, the user can generate a left click by pressing down on the bar the force required for this is adjustable from ultra-light touch to highly tactile. There is also a cursor speed button between the copy and paste buttons for ten different speed settings from to dpi.

The Pro3 additionally comes with adjustable keyboard "risers" to lift up conventional and compact single piece keyboards. The improvements of the RollerMouse Pro3 over the RollerMouse Pro2 include an aluminum metal base for added sturdiness, slightly less width about 1" less , increased dpi for faster speeds and greater cursor accuracy, a smoother scrolling scroll wheel, and the ability to be used with adjustable or separated keyboards without an additional mat accessory.

Keyboard not included. Clavier pas inclus. The StealthSwitch3 Programmable USB Switch Controller from H-Mod provides users with a means of transferring or reducing the heavy workload which the hand and fingers encounter in daily computer use.

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Mouse clicks, keyboard shortcuts, and multi-key ma Mouse clicks, keyboard shortcuts, and multi-key macros can be programmed and triggered by foot pedals or many other types of switches. Other common applicatons of the StealthSwitch3 Programmable USB Switch Controller include a wide variety of gaming functions, photo booth triggers, transciption control, etc.

The StealthSwitch3 supports up to 5 external switches available separately , and the number of accessible commands can be can be raised to 8 by using Shift mode which uses one switch to enable the other switches to access an alternate set of commands. Switches can be programmed to send keystrokes, mouse clicks, double clicks, drag lock, hotkeys, or macros maximum of 4 keystrokes per macro.

The StealthSwitch3 is fully programmable using the downloadable drivers. Once it is programmed, all settings are stored in the switch interface hardware so no software or drivers are required, even if you move the unit to another computer.

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This is especially convenient where deployment is intended on limited access systems, as programming can do done by loading the software on another computer which is not subject to these restrictions. Multiple configuration files can be created and stored for later access. MAC users receive a bonus benefit from the RoboCon program which automatically re-configures the switch interface based on the current application, allowing the setting of application-specific command layouts.

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  • It may be used with any of the StealthSwitch II Slave Footswitches, or for other options check out our range of switches in the Switches category. The TrackMan Marble from Logitech is a space-saving ambidextrous trackball with a well-established record. Somewhat unique to the TrackMan Marble is the forward placement of the 40 mm trackball which sees the ball positioned almost at the very front Somewhat unique to the TrackMan Marble is the forward placement of the 40 mm trackball which sees the ball positioned almost at the very front of the unit.

    This puts it directly under the fingertips of the ring, index and middle fingers, freeing users to employ any or all of these in providing cursor control.

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    The long Left and Right click buttons are located further back along the sides of the trackball body, providing easy access for the thumb and ring or pinky finger. Small inset secondary buttons offer web browser Backward and Forward commands.

    Cursor control on the Trackman Marble is very smooth and accurate, with the ball weighing enough that response is easily controlled. The weight of the ball is also great enough to enable users to "spin" it for rapid movement across large areas or multiple screens.

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    The narrow design of the TrackMan Marble is best suited to users with small to average-sized hands as those with larger or wider hands may tend to "pinch" the trackball in order to maintain placement. However, the length of the body and the primary buttons does mean that users with longer hands can accomplish excellent cursor control while still easily performing click actions.

    Some users may find the absence of a dedicated scroll feature on the TrackMan Marble less than ideal. Unlike many trackballs, the ball on the Trackman Marble is easily removed from the housing for cleaning. Mousetrapper Prime by MouseTrapper.

    Models For ultra-low resistance mousing, add a Microthin Wow! Model Description Price In Stock? Unimouse Wireless by Contour Design Inc. Expert Mouse Wired Trackball by Kensington. Mousetrapper Advance by MouseTrapper. TrackMan Marble by Logitech.

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