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In this case, how to remove unwanted blank page in Word version?

If we have the thought to delete a page in Word , the biggest reason is that the page is useless or unwanted. Which factors may cause the deleting action?

Remove page breaks in Word - Word for Mac

There are actually 3 primary causes, which are:. The default paragraph mark is hidden.

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When the words or images are full of a page, Word will insert a page break and begin a new page. If you would like to use page breaks in specific position, the manual page break will react. This is a mark to separate the context. The common and easy steps are:.

Set Page Breaks in Word- Tutorial and Instructions

Apart from those situations, there is a special situation that if the paragraph mark is behind a page table just like the image below and cause a page of blank. In this case, you are able to make it small enough so that it is not enough to add a new page. This article describes how to troubleshoot page breaks that occur in a Word document at unexpected or unwanted locations.

It is easier to view page breaks in normal view than print layout view. This setting determines the distance from the edge of the page where Word starts printing the text of a header or footer. The default setting is 0.

Troubleshooting guide for unwanted page breaks - Office | Microsoft Docs

A larger setting decreases the available print area for your document. Word includes an option that does not allow a page break to be inserted in a table cell. As a result, if the entire cell does not fit on the page, Word pushes the entire cell to the next page. Or, you may have inserted a manual page break by using one of the following methods, depending on your version of Word.

You can use the Replace command to remove manual page breaks by searching for manual page breaks. Note Do not click the Replace All button when you remove manual page breaks unless your document contains no section breaks.

If a series of Heading styles is used in a document an outline, for example followed by text that is formatted with the Normal style, an unexpected page break may occur following the Normal text. This problem occurs only in normal view and does not occur in outline view.

How to start the page numbering on (for example) page 3

Use one of the following methods to remove individual occurrences of an unwanted page break. Use Microsoft Online Support to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base and other technical resources for fast, accurate answers. You can also customize the site to control your search.

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  5. For more information about obtaining help with troubleshooting Microsoft Windows, click Help Topics on the Help menu in Windows Explorer. On the Contents tab, double-click to open the Troubleshooting book. Then double-click to open the Contact Microsoft Technical Support book to view your support options.

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    For more information about obtaining help with troubleshooting Microsoft Word, click About Microsoft word on the Help menu, and then click Tech Support.