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We start with the understanding that OS X is designed as a multi-user operating system—one where files stored in one account are not easily accessible in another. There are ways around this.

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Or you could log in as root, which grants you permission to everything on the drive. Each of these techniques, however, is considered sneaky by the best sorts of people.

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Fortunately, the Mac OS makes accommodations for those people who wish to share files with others using the same computer. Just create a new message and address it to yourself, and then add the files.

Map a Network Drive in OS X (Mac) Permanently

When you get to your other Mac, open your email client and download the message and its files. If you use Dropbox to store some of your files in the cloud, it seems obvious that you can easily transfer files from one Mac to another by placing them in your Dropbox folder. Dropbox has a feature called LAN Sync that allows Dropbox to sync them across your network to other devices. It still uploads them, but if you have a bunch of files to transfer from different folders, just drop them all in a Dropbox folder, and let them sync to the other devices.

Help - Mac/Win - Share one folder to multiple user home folder - aka shortcut folder

This works best for small files, as well as files you may want to access on iOS devices. If you use Google Drive, Box, or another cloud repository for your files, you can obviously place files there from one Mac and access them on another. One of my favorite ways to sync files between my Macs is to use BitTorrent Sync. This free app with optional pro features , lets you sync folders across devices.

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For example, I have a Screenshots folder on each of my Macs. When Simple File Sharing is disabled, the Sharing tab in the Properties dialog box will look different. You will see a Permissions button which will allow you to specify the users who can have access to the folder. Tech-Ease is your source for just-in-time answers for classroom technology questions.

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