How to unmute my mac computer

How to Fix Sound Not Working on a Mac - Make Tech Easier

Click on the Dictation tab to the right and select the On button. Your Mac will search for relevant language packs and drivers to download automatically. Once the downloads are complete—shown by a swirling box beneath the Dictation option—try using your microphone again to see if the issue has been fixed.

These include settings for brightness, volume, startup-disk, and some microphone configurations.

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It could be that your MacBook microphone stopped working due to a glitch in your user account. Click the padlock and enter your Administrator password to allow changes.

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Then click the plus icon at the bottom left and enter details for a new user account. With the new account created, log out of your current one using the Apple icon at the top left of your Mac. Once you have done so, sign in to the new account and open test the microphone again. If the microphone works in your new account you can either transfer all your data across to a new account and delete the old one, or restore your macbook to factory settings and recover your data through a backup.

There is a unique issue that we have seen in macOS Mojave and Catalina betas.

The microphone on MacBook works well for the most part except in certain apps. We have seen this issue reported by users who use the microphone with Game apps. Apps that were not able to use the mic may require permissions again but it works following that. Essentially, he command resets the permissions and makes the apps request for mic permissions again.

You should delete the app and reinstall it again, and if that fails contact the developer for their support. You can delete an app by opening the Applications folder in Finder and dragging the relevant app icon to the Trash. Make sure you empty the Trash and restart your MacBook before trying to install the app again, ensuring that all its data has been erased. You should contact Apple support for more detailed troubleshooting advice or to book an appointment with an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

How to Mute on a MacBook

Let us know in the comments which tips worked for you! He spent two years supervising repairs as a Genius Admin for Apple Retail and uses that knowledge to keep our troubleshooting guides up to date. Long before that, Dan turned to Apple products from a musical background.

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Having owned iPods for years, he bought a MacBook to learn sound recording and production. It was using those skills that he gained a first-class Bachelor of Science in Sound Technology. This will rule out the possibility that the sound output is bypassed or interfered with the external audio devices. There are several ways to restart your Mac.

The standard restart method is through the Apple menu. You can also use the Shutdown window to restart your Mac computer.

How to Fix Volume Mac Always MUTE No Sound (Speaker Mac Error)

In an instance where your computer is unresponsive, you can use the control keys to carry out a forced restart. Simultaneously press the Control , Command and Eject keys on the keyboard for a few seconds and then release when the computer reboots. As soon as soon as your computer boots up, you can run a series of tests to see if sound functions are back up and working properly again.

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As mentioned earlier, misconfigured or incorrect sound settings can also cause audio problems to occur on your computer. That said, you must consider ruling this factor out especially if the problem continues after restarting the computer system. In this case, the sound is bypassed to the paired Bluetooth device.

You can also type in a command line to stop Bluetooth services on your Mac.

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  8. Your Mac will then forget all paired devices and accessories. Restart the computer then test to see if the sound services are now working as intended. A lot of people have found ultimate solution using a command line to kill all audio services on the Mac and then restart them. To kill audio services, open the Terminal app on your Mac and then type in or copy and paste this command:.