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Which is your favourite pink lipstick from MAC? Charlotte makupbcandlelit recently posted… November favourites. Hmm, I bought and used Mehr when it came out as part of the Mickey Contractor collection and finished it in 2 months. Wore it every day every night and it was my staple. All the shades look awesome, and someday, I will have all of them!

Kajol’s Beauty Secrets!

Always love swatch posts! What did you do!!! This is awesome! I have Mehr only.. I love the swatches.. Such a clear picture… I so wanna get On hold now..

Kajol’s Beauty Secrets!

Supria recently posted… Black Friday Haul — Handbags!!! Very helpful post! This is LUST!!! I want them…. These are new exciting bright shades which a loot of girls will love. So, today I am going to review and swatch the shade coral care from Lip Love […]. Mac impassioned looks great for fair skin tone.. My personal fav..

6 women get matched to their 'most flattering' MAC lipstick

I really love how you describe the ordeal the usual girl experiences when they want to buy their Mac lipstick. This is exactly what happened to me today. I searched Google for days, looking for swatches and reviews and then finally deciding to settle with Cosmo but went home with Craving instead. Before I review and swatch this beautiful coral pink lipstick, let me tell you how I got it. I know! So cruel. I mean when petrol prices rise they inform […].

Whats up beauty bloggers? Why no noise about this new launch? I […]. It happens to me all the […]. These are all gorgeous colors. I would love Mehr and Please Me. How did you swatch them all? Did you ask the SA or you just did it secretly? But a lip palette called Antonio Lopez 3 Lips Fuchsia instead of lipstick. MAC always comes up […]. I would have gone for mehr. Also plumful, crosswires i doubt whether it suits me , rebel or mocha.

Meet The Nudes: MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sign in. Log into your account. So much to love about this formula! I would say as you should with all lip products make sure to scrub your lips and prep them before hand. My lips are a bit chapped and were not prepped and you could see a lot of those lines when I was trying them out.

I highly recommend these as the formula is something I have never seen or experienced before. Hope you enjoy the swatches below and let me know in the comments if you plan to grab 1 or 3 shades lol! Shop the lippies HERE. Thoughts and opinions are my own. Red Lips are classic. They can be worn everyday or can be glam for a night out. Wearing red lips is fairly new to me. I was always afraid of wearing a bold lipstick and now its a must have for me! When it comes to lipstick MAC has you covered. If you have been following me for a while on here or my Instagram you know MAC is my jam!

MAC Red lipstick is fool proof. This post is going to give you 9 shades with different finishes and tones of red. Maybe you want a bold lip but want a more darker red, orange red or even a darker pink lip that is not so red looking! See them HERE. These three are always in my rotation and Chili is making its way up!

This sheer tinted cream can be used under or over foundation, or to bring a translucent luminosity to skin. The cushiony, smoothing texture glides over skin, diminishing the look of imperfections and fine lines, while moisturizing and protecting skin. Skin looks immediately retouched! I know MAC Next To Nothing Foundation is almost old news now considering the beauty world is always producing new products but I still wanted to get my thoughts out.

In addition to making sure swatches are present online as it truly helps me choose what my shade may be! Who else searching for foundation swatches online?? Anywho this foundation is not for those who want full coverage or even medium coverage. You can use it in addition to your full coverage foundation to create a dewy look but if you want a one and done deal this is not for you.

Lets just get to the point, does this give you an instant instagram filter? Yes for me it does! I do have some redness on my skin but other than that I do not need a ton of coverage nor do I want a full coverage look. This foundation is perfect for everyday, for mixing with other foundation or even younger girls just starting to get into makeup.

The powder sets your face in a very natural way that is not to cakey and the brushes work well with both products but are not necessary if you want to just purchase this foundation to try!

MAC Lipstick Collection Lip Swatches & Try On Pale/Fair Skin

Again this foundation is perfect for everyday or a natural look or if you have a matte foundation you love that you want to add a bit of radiance in it you can mix it to create a dewy look. Have you tried this foundation? Sound off in the comments!!! Find your rhythm. All eyes are on the cool kids, hanging out, swaying to the beat, showing off with a little festive flirtation. See you on the dance floor. Tis the season! The holiday makeup collections are debuting and MAC just killed it!!!

I am not a huge holiday or limited edition type of beauty addict but here and there I will get excited and purchase a few things. However this year, things have changed! From the gold packaging, to perfectly matched gift sets and snowball sparkles I am feeling all the holiday cheer! The collection is set to roll out in two parts and feature Whisper of Gilt, which has a cult following. Available now online and in stores but make sure to keep an eye out for more to come.

I will keep you all posted! Lets just get into the breakdown, gold and glitter perfection! When it comes to gift sets MAC has you covered.

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Whether you are looking for the Lipstick junkie in your life, an avid MAC collector, for yourself or a beauty lover in general these are perfectly put together. If you are a MAC fan or Beauty fan in general there is something for you in this collection. My personal favorite is the Red Lip Bag. You guys know I love to rock a red lip and this has everything you need. Please note the entire collection is not shown above and it has not all been released yet on the MAC website.

All thoughts and opinions are my own. You all were incredibly welcoming and so fun to hang out with! For all my Chicago followers if you are in the area please make sure to check out this location for your MAC Cosmetics and beauty needs! The guests and I had so much fun just talking about MAC products we love and why we love them, shared tips and talked and talked and talked all night, all things beauty! One guest loved my makeup that night and wanted to know how I get a natural looking makeup application. We grabbed some of my must have MAC Products along with suggestions from the MAC artists for her skin tone and started a live demo on my Instagram Stories where I discussed why I love these products, shared beauty tips and answered questions.

The 12 Best MAC Lipsticks of

Clarissa created a natural look that had a smokey eye that can be worn during the day with a nude lip but adding a pop of color on the lips gives the look a stamp of glam approval. Not only did Natasha love the way her makeup looked but she loved the way it felt! Thank You so much to all my followers and guests that came to the event and joined in on Instagram Live.

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I am testing out some new MAC products and wanted to give you the run down. Please let me know if you have tried these and what you are loving right now from MAC. Products received were gifted by MAC Cosmetics, thoughts and opinions are my own. Need even more au naturel? Strip down to bare, brazen basics in a lineup of 24 additional Lipstick and Lipglass colours.

When it comes to nude lipstick there are so many tones and finishes for us to love.