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Omar Shamma 10 Posts 0 Reply Likes. Thanks for the heads up on this. I will try your suggestion and let you know the outcome. Many thanks! That still means that there is a bad font, and you still might have problems when you use the type tool.

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Step 2 - Turn off Font Preview. Problem resolved. Step 3 - Look for problem fonts. None present. Step 4 - Validate all fonts via Font Book. All fonts OK. Step 5 - Run Font Test Script. Step 2 - Turn off Preview resolved the problem. Thus according to this help link the problem is with the Font Preview. What do I do now? Did you also try resetting the OS font cache? Something is still causing fonts to cause a slowdown on your system, that other people aren't seeing on their systems.

I have deleted the Photoshop font cache I have deleted the system font cache The problem is resolved only when I turn off Font Preview. What is your next suggestion?

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Howdy Omar, What you are describing sounds like you have a Right-to-Left font, probably for writing Arabic or Persian or Urdu, which has a problem rendering itself via Font Preview. Don't Miss. Product Review The Sigma 28mm F1. With spot-on autofocus, excellent image quality, and lots of character, the Sigma 28mm F1. It's not cheap, but it still comes in below the competition.

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Posted 2 days ago — By Julian Chokkattu. Social Media Looking to share some content? Switching from PC to my first Mac new 27" iMac. I need to copy my Windows font folder over to the Mac for use by Photoshop CS6, but not sure which font folder to put it in.

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I understand there are 2 Library folders, each with their own font book? Posted on Feb 17, AM. There are two Library folders. One is at root level you see it when you click on the Macintosh HD folder and the other is in your drive space. Anything placed in your Library folder can only be accessed by you while anything placed in the root Library folder can be accessed by any user. It is a good rule of thumb to place items only in your own Library folder and to leave the root Library alone - at least until you have some Mac experience behind you.