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Using the Sort Dialog Box

Once you have set up this Excel feature, you can easily fill a range of cells with your own lists, like department names, clients, age ranges, and any other list you might need. Excel includes several built-in lists, including months and days of the week. Type Sun for Sunday into cell B2.

Then, put the cursor over the lower-right corner of cell B2 until it turns into a plus sign and drag right to cell H2. When you release the mouse button, the AutoFill feature automatically fills the cells with the abbreviations for the days of the week.

You can also do this with the full names of the days of the week and the short and full names of the months of the year.

Sorting with Custom Lists in Excel

AutoFill also works for numbers, dates, and times. How does Excel know what to put in the cells? This document shows you how to sort your Excel worksheet data. NOTE: Once data is sorted, subgroups can be subtotaled.

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For more information refer to Calculating Subtotals in Databases. If you simply want to sort your data by one column from smallest to largest or largest to smallest, you can do so with one click.

MS Excel for Mac: Sort data in alphabetical order based on 2 columns

Your data is sorted based on the selected column. Using the Sort dialog box, you can create multi-level sorts that meet a variety of specifications. From the Data menu, select Sort Beyond the PC: Lenovo's ambitious plan for the future of computing.

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