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Choose the file and click Open. Click on the green arrow to generate a preview. There are two pointer modes that determine the way you interact with SuperPreview. Selection Mode selects individual page sections for comparison. Panning Mode can be used to drag a page into the browser view and the mouse wheel changes the magnification of the page.

Box Highlighting Mode highlights the selected element in blue, in the Baseline browser view and highlights the element in green in the Comparison browser view. This mode works only along with the Selection Mode.

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Lights-Out Highlighting Mode highlights only the selected element and dims rest of the page. Click Toggle Ruler Visibility to turn the ruler on and off. Click Toggle Thumbnail Visibility to turn the thumbnail on and off. Vertical Split Layout arranges the browser views side by side. Horizontal Split Layout arranges the browser views one beneath the other. Single Layout displays a single browser view.

Choose the level of zoom from the drop down or enter a magnification value. Enter the path or browse to the web page to be previewed. Sign up for SuperPreview online service. Click to enable SuperPreview online service for remote browser previews. We will cover this in detail in a future article on SuperPreview Online Service.

Opens the Options dialog box with Super Preview online service options. Baseline view shows you how your page looks in your development browser. Comparison view displays the way it looks in the comparison browser selected. Quick Position display gives you the size and position of the selected element.

The Baseline Browser selector lets you choose your development browser as the baseline browser. The Comparison Browser selector lets you choose up to 8 comparison browsers. Tag display shows details of the selected element. Browser size lets you choose a size for your comparison browser, to be able to preview your page in different resolutions.

Once you launch SuperPreview from Expression Web 4, if using for the first time, you will have to choose the Baseline browser by using the Baseline Browser selector. Then hit the enter button next to the location box. The location box should display the path to your web page. If for some reason the path is absent, browse to choose the web page. Then using the Comparison Browser selector, choose one or more comparison browsers click on the plus sign. Then use the above tools to analyze the page in various browsers. The comparison browser list is populated with the browsers installed on your system.

If you want IE8 then IE9 beta needs to be uninstalled. SuperPreview v4 online has also been updated to add support for Safari 5 Mac. So now you can also choose either Safari 4 or Safari 5 for previewing through the cloud. We will learn more about SuperPreview Online Service in a future article. I hope you liked the article and I thank you for viewing it. This article has been editorially reviewed by Suprotim Agarwal. C and.

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Organized around concepts, this eBook aims to provide a concise, yet solid foundation in C and. NET, covering C 6. NET Core, with chapters on the latest. NET Core 3. NET Standard and the C 8. Use these concepts to deepen your existing knowledge of C and. NET, to have a solid grasp of the latest in C and. NET OR to crack your next. If you wish to remove it simply drag the guide out of the page display. The same rules apply to the vertical ruler guide. Step 7 - Now we have seen what our problems might be its time to fix the most serious.

Pressing Alt-Tab on your keyboard allows you to switch over to Expression Web. Go back to your default. After you have removed the comment characters that the rule will change to red and blue, which means the rule is now active. Removing the commenting characters will make this rule apply to our page.

To see the fix being applied we need to go back to SuperPreview and refresh. Click the SP icon and Expression Web will ask you to save the. You have now seen how SuperPreview can successfully debug websites using multiple browsers on the same system. Many designers use Image mockups, in particular Photoshop PSD files to start off their design process, so in SuperPreview this has been catered for with Open Image which you can choose from in the Comparison Panel. Just select the Open Image Icon and browse to your mockup. It will support all the usual image formats such as.

With Firefox being the only locally supported third party browser so far, and the remote online browsers cover Safari for Mac and Chrome only at this point with different versions. So a neat trick is to save a screenshot lets say in Opera and use this image to compare against.

For this exercise you need to open the folder superpreview-baselinebrowsers and open the default. Step 9 - Redefining your baseline browser to diagnose a problem. In the Baseline screen you need to load the clarke-mockup-image. This exercise is to show you the use to which Open Image can be put. Some designers use a Image Editing program such as PhotoShop to make a mockup design so they have a visual reference of how the template should look and then code in html and css.

Here we want to see how close the mockup and the final design compares in the different browsers. There is not much difference apart from the Clarke Accessories banner, if we compare the baseline mockup with the comparison views in IE 6, IE 7 and Firefox, it looks like we have both typeface and spacing discrepancies between the banners. You can see this even more clearly when we use the positioning guides.

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We could use CSS styling but it might be simpler to swap out the heading text for an image and will make better SEO search engine optimisation sense as well, this is because if we have the same heading 1 tag on each page we are not doing ourselves any favours, each page heading 1 tag has to be unique as each page is unique. Click on the background-image and open you CSS Properties Panel if it is not already open you can do this via the Panels menu. When you click on the background-image in CSS Properties the background-image style will be highlighted, open the image selection and browse to the images file and select the clarke-accessories.

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If we change back to the Design view of our default. Save your work and use SP to see the results. We can see that the image is not perfect to our mock up, however in each of the browsers the banner looks the same, which is the important thing. For this exercise you need to open the folder superpreview-dom and open the default.

Immediately we can see in the screen shot of Firefox and IE7 below that we have a layout problem, to make it clearer zoom out to the smallest percentage. Using the Lights-Out Highlighting Mode we can use this as a visual guide to pinpoint that the paragraphs in the FAQ section are not wrapping around the links to their left as desired. Lets see if there are more differences in IE6. Now that you know that there are two problems that may or may not be related.

Again, the logic here is that there are more instances of users using the newer Firefox 3. However before we do that, we should use the DOM View to explore our second problem more in-depth. Step 11 - Using the DOM view to narrow the scope of your search. Part of the problem of troubleshooting code is not knowing where to make a start. That's what SuperPreview is there for. Visually SP allows you to identify and isolate problematic areas, using the DOM view takes you further in-depth and identifies the names of the elements that are causing you headaches.

Or, you can select an element in the DOM view to update the browser views. To help you pinpoint an element that has compatibility problems SP will also provide you with such element information as position, dimensions and ID. Step 12 - In the bottom right corner of the SuperPreview window, click the tab labeled DOM and a new section will expand. Expanding this element exposes the div elements that compose the structure of your page:.

Note that by having named the div id's with logical names, the process becomes that much easier. The container id seems to be the most likely candidate and we can confirm this by observing a rather neat feature of the DOM view. The hasLayout concept determines how html elements are drawn and how content within them interacts with other content.

It is worth learning more about hasLayout to understand many of the bugs that IE6 throws at us more information in resources below. Double-click the styles. Because we identified the name of the problematic element as bodyarea we can do a quick search for it in Expression Web rather than scrolling through the document.

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You will be sent immediately to this line in your CSS code and it is highlighted in grey. It should be on line at the end of the document. Press Alt-Tab to return to SuperPreview. In SuperPreview, refresh the screen by clicking on the Refresh button. Toggle between Internet Explorer 6 and 7 in the Comparison view to see that the problem with floating box problem and the second problem with spacing is now solved.

The Browser Size Drop-Down lists a number of resolution settings and if the one you want is not listed you can make a Custom size of your own. SP will regenerate if you choose a new resolution setting. Figure 27 - Thumbnail Visibility Toggle.

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Figure 28 - Thumbnail Navigator. In the Thumbnail which will appear on the bottom right of the panes, if you mouse over the thumbnail and hold down the left mouse button you can drag the faded blue square around the thumbnail to go quickly to another part of the page, or you can click within the thumbnail, to go straight to that location within the page. If you have any problems or wish to give feedback you can go to the Help Icon see Fig 29 and click the Send Feedback selection this will pop up with a dialog box.

The SuperPreview Feedback dialog box will allow you to create a attachment - Which is done automatically for you - You then click the ' Go to Microsoft Connect ' button on the bottom right corner where you can submit your bugs and suggestions. Now you have seen how to fix some of the more common browser problems, which should give you a head start in coming to grips with SuperPreview. When I asked you to download the starter kit in order to follow along with this article I adapted the starter kit that Microsoft provides. I did this partly because I found myself incapable of producing a bad template on purpose, sometimes it takes a virtuoso to produce bad output on purpose: If nothing else Expression Web will give you good habits, mine started with FrontPage and split view.

If you wish to view the videos and download the Microsoft Starter kit they are well worth doing so. I feel the above information though to be a little more condensed. You can preview ASP. For more information on previewing ASP. All Rights Reserved. Expression Web. Web Design. Any Expression Web Designs.

Expression Web 3. Quick position display - This display shows you the size and position of a selected element. If there are any differences, the altered value is highlighted in the comparison browser view. Baseline browser selector - This lets you choose your development browser as the baseline browser. Comparison browser selector - This lets you choose up to eight comparison browsers. By clicking on their respective icons you can easily switch between them. You can click on an element in the DOM view to select it in the browser views.

Tag display - This shows detailed information about an element when you move your mouse pointer over it or click it. Browser Size - This lets you select a fixed browser view size to compare how your pages render at different resolutions. The minimum Browser Size is x