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In fact, Apple has designed all of the hardware and software it makes to work seamlessly. For example, if I take a photo on my iPhone , it's automatically synced through iCloud to my iPad Pro and iMac without any external software. I can also send text messages and iMessages to my contacts through my iPhone , iPad , and Mac — starting a conversation on one device and continuing it on another.

Other vendors have tried to replicate this experience, but it remains Apple's biggest selling point. If you already own other Apple hardware, a Mac will start working with it seamlessly right out of the box in a way that no PC currently can.

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This integration is getting tighter and more expansive over time, so this is a benefit that will actually get better the longer you have your Mac. One of the biggest problems with issuing software updates to Windows machines is having to account for the fact that they have to run on systems with wildly different components. Microsoft has minimum system requirements to run the latest version of Windows, but beyond that hardware makers or individuals are free to build their own machines. Apple doesn't have that issue; there are only a small number of Macs tens, instead of thousands that need to be supported, so bugs can be squashed quickly.

MacOS, the Mac operating system, is also constantly being updated, with a new major version released each fall.

New versions of MacOS aren't without their flaws, but it's a lot easier to keep your system up to date with the latest fixes as soon as they're ready. I've owned several Macs, but the first one I got to use at home was an iMac my mom bought for our home in late The machine has worked without any major issues for 10 years, and it's currently still set up in my room at her condo.

Do I choose Mac or PC for music making?

Apple supported it with new versions of MacOS through and issued software fixes to it through the end of last year. My experiences with Macs haven't always been rosy, but when any Apple has hardware failed me, I've always known where to go: the Apple Store. It's always possible to get a reservation to sort out my problems within a couple of days. Having a place to go when you experience computer problems is another big selling point for the Mac , and one I appreciate even as someone who prefers to troubleshoot problems myself if at all possible.

Mac vs PC - Which Is Better?

Function will always be more important than form, but it is nice that Apple takes the time to carefully design its computers. I'm not saying I agree with every decision the company has made, or that there aren't nicely designed PCs out there, but it's hard to argue that Macs don't look and feel great.

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  • This is the strongest material case in the "you get what you pay for" argument, so it shouldn't be overlooked. After using a Mac, most PCs feel a little clunky, or at the very least not as well put together. There's no getting around the fact that buying a Mac is expensive, but it's easier to justify the price of one when you think about what you're getting.

    Great-looking and -feeling hardware, consistently updated software, free in-person tech support, and inter-device connectivity all come at a cost. The odds of getting a virus or malware with a PC remain higher than with a Mac, but this is more about the numbers game than technology. About 7.

    Why do Mac laptops (seem to) last longer than Windows laptops? -

    The proper antivirus program and other safeguards will keep either system safe, but PCs will be at greater risk. PCs and Macs do offer some clear-cut differences; which of those differences are the most important is something that each person has to decide for his or herself. Due to price and availability, PCs tend to be the winner, while Macs remain the choice for the more elite or anti-Windows computer users.

    It truly is the golden age of computers. Learn more.

    Mac or PC: What Should Your Small Business Use?

    Safari Chrome IE Firefox. PC vs. Mac: The Big Debate The differences between the two computers have become more subtle and revolve around personal taste. Which Platform Is Right for You?

    Decide whether you will use touch and voice input capabilities. Consider whether your future needs might require upgrades and additions to the computer. Price: Look Beyond the Price Tag Macs have long carried a reputation for premium pricing compared to PCs, though advocates would say that was simply the cost of higher-end components that provide better performance and reliability.

    Maintenance: Are You a Troubleshooter?

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    Both platforms have software that runs only on that particular system. Each PC is a different cluster to variables, while the new iMac from Apple has a very large reserve of power for real-time processing. Many desktop MACs are very quiet to work. You can also get your PC silently, by placing other fans, power supplies, and enclosures. It depends largely on your application, you will use it in a professional studio or in your home studio? Fortunately, there are music stores where musicians working and speaking your language that have knowledge of computers and give this support.

    There are various music stores where you will find Apple computers and there are also a few shops that sell PCs that are designed specifically for music production.

    PC or Mac? Which is best for me?

    Many people choose a laptop. However, there are only a few specialized Windows laptops available for music production. Most people on the go you usually choose Apple Macbook Pro, and there is definitely a good reason. Today you have a wide choice of Apple models. The Mac Pro is the most used in a professional studio environment. There is also a wide range of dedicated audio interfaces, MAC plugins , and music making software like Logic Pro that makes Apple computer a serious candidate for your music studio.

    Apple is perceived as expensive compared with the PC. Apple computers are more expensive but offer a different perspective, it is just like a premium car, you get extra safety, comfort, quality materials, and exclusivity. In the field of music production, Apple does have a big drawback. Also, if you want more memory or more storage space you have to pay extra.