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Life has become very busy, and in this fast moving and busy life we miss one of the important factor of life- that is health and fitness. If you are thorough about the reports, you will find that majority of population run short of time to join a health club center. But as we say there is solution for everything, and we have a solution for this too.

Top Free Health And Fitness Apps for Mac

In the technology and gadget dominated world and being in the era of Internet, we can get all the information on our finger tips. Here is compilation of free mac health and fitness apps that will help you to take care of your fitness and health. Pranayama Free: Pranayama helps you get out of day to day tension and stress. Prana means breath and ayama means restraint in Sanskrit. The app will help you regulate breath through its techniques and exercise.

Using this app everyday for few minutes will relief you from stress and stress related issues. It can be used by people suffering from Asthma, migraine and depression.

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Relax Now: Relax Now is a hypnotherapy application that releases your stressed mind. It has been made by qualified clinical hypnotherapist.

The Best On-Demand Workout Apps

Relax Now contains tracks and each tracks has been spoken by certified hypnotherapist with soothing and smooth background music. Personal Workout: This app can help you to stay fit, tone muscles and lose weight. The app comes embedded with real time video where a professional training will be instructing you the step by step exercise.

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The real time video instructor will help you to work out. Calories 2: Calories 2 is your personal assistant for control and calculating calories. Starva has brought the same design philosophy to its Apple Watch app. Its real-time display shows you the important stats: Strava Free, subscription available. Maybe you just want a feature-rich, dependable app for tracking your runs. Runkeeper Free, subscription available. Streaks Workout is a minimal workout app that lets you work out anywhere.

Fitness apps are not for beginners

These Android and iPhone apps help you exercise anywhere. Read More. Start with Quick , graduate to the Everyday workout, and hopefully make your way towards the Pain workout. The app will show animations of the exercises, along with a countdown and your heart rate. Instead of paying for a personal trainer, let Gymaholic help you out in the gym. Its iPhone app uses AR to show you exercises in real time. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch app will tell you the exercises to do, how to do them, and for how long.

It holds a catalog of more than exercises. From the Apple Watch, you can select a part of the body you want to work on, say, your chest. The app will then list out the exercises to do, the recommended repetitions, and weight.

The best iPhone fitness apps

Gymaholic Free, subscription available. But the Apple Watch does record your steps. What if you want to know your step count all the time? Here are the options for your Watch face, what they offer, and how to select one. The good news is that consulting a fitness instructor at your local health club or gym is often a free service that comes as part of your membership.

Looking for music, movies, TV shows, and more? Try the iTunes Store.

Ask for some help. I began my personal fitness journey seven years ago. I was middle-aged. I had never done any exercise before and I was recovering from cancer treatment that had prompted me to take my health more seriously. Back then, there were no fitness apps the iPhone had only just launched. He was young, enthusiastic and in great shape. I thought he would groan when he saw a clueless middle-aged guy like me, but he was very professional. Every four weeks, he reviewed my progress and updated my program.

What it does not attempt to do is to replace the expertise of someone like Daniel.

In my opinion, no app can do that. At least not yet. And personally I hope they never do.