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To do this, you need to edit two files. In the top-level folder that just opened, you need to edit WorldClock. Duplicate that line, and change it to your desired town. I searched for Wellington in WorldClock. This change adds Auckland to the drop down list on the back of the widget. Next, navigate into the English.

The name on the right is what World Clock will display below the time. The folders that hold these files are read-only, so I tend to save the modified files to the Desktop, and then drag them back into place and Authenticate as an admin. Next time you restart Dashboard or create a World Clock, the new town s will be available. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.

Thanks Indy [ Reply to This ]. Does anyone have the expertise to develope a Think Different World Clock widget that runs backwards? Getting the clock to run backwards is very straight forward. Open WorldClock. There are three places where the function "drawHands" appears--the first two when it is being used and the last where it is defined.

World Clock for Mac download

Change the first two uses by inserting a negative sign in front of each of the angles so it looks like: drawHands - hoursAngle, - minutesAngle, - secondsAngle ; Now the clock runs backwards. The problem is that the clock face is still numbered forward! The tedious part is fixing this. If you are creative, you can completely redo the face to your liking. The two images that draw the clock face one for day time and one for night are "base. I just used Graphic Converter to flip the entire image horizontally that put the digits in the right locations but mirror image and then carefully selected each number and flipped it back again.

Add a "Think different" to the face and, viola! If you want to look at my modified images you can get them here: base.

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If you don't want to modify the original widgit a good idea if only to keep your changes from being overwritten if the original gets an update , duplicate the entire World Clock. Then you can have both types of clocks at the same time. Very cool!!!

The best of its kind. Works great. I was lost after Leopard came out since it has no desktop clock.

World Clock Deluxe is a very handy tool for me - I am using it 3 years already, it worked on every macOS like a charm. Highly configurable and very useful. I've used this for several years and love it for its simplicity. It has great configuration options and is rock solid. Keep track of the world's time.

World clock for mac desktop free

When you're dealing with people on the other side of the globe, it's surprising what a difference it makes not having to work out what time it is over there. Instead of behaving like a linguistically challenged tourist, attempting to guess the local time, World Clock Deluxe means you'll know if lunch is going to delay those files or make your call annoying. Wem das noch nicht ausreicht kann das aktuelle Wetter dieser Zeitzone darstellen und noch vieles mehr. Follow us on Twitter.

Follow WorldClockDlx on Twitter to be informed about updates, usage tips, and other news. Organize clocks With World Clock Deluxe you can assign colors and labels to clocks so that you can quickly single them out, sort clocks alphabetically or by time, longitude, longitude offset, or label, and show different clocks in the palette, in the menu bar, and in the Dock. Plan international meetings World Clock Deluxe makes it extremely easy to identify the best time for an online chat, a conference call, or a videoconference with people located in different cities around the world.

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Calculate time conversions Often make phone calls to another country at a pre-set time in the other country or join conference calls set up by people in another country? World Clock Deluxe 4. Buy now. Frequently asked questions. Is World Clock Deluxe compatible with Catalina? Light or dark appearance World Clock Deluxe supports Dark Mode, so that on Mojave or Catalina you can choose the appearance that works best for you: the familiar light appearance or the new Dark Mode.

Show clocks in the palette The Clocks palette lets you display any number of digital or analog clocks and show the time in different cities and time zones with or without seconds, weekday, date, date change, time zone, offset from UTC, and offset from your local time. Show clocks in the menu bar Displaying clocks in the menu bar can be a good way of having them always to hand without taking up precious space on your desktop. View daylight-saving time transitions World Clock Deluxe shows your clocks' daylight-saving time transitions so that you can quickly see which cities are about to turn clocks forward or backward and when daylight-saving time will exactly start or end for each of them.

Display world times and time zones With World Clock Deluxe you can easily display world times e.

Simple, fast and fun.

Organize clocks World Clock Deluxe lets you easily organize your clocks so that you can always have a good overview of them. Effectively coordinate worldwide projects you are working on.

Effortlessly reveal the most suitable time to ring your friends or family. Travel through time with a single swipe. Quickly peek at international times with the Today View interactive Widget. Schedule events with ease. Customizable Digital or analog clocks, and military time. Meticulously designed experience. Read design story. World Clock is a fantastic native app that not only makes it easy to add all the time zones you care about and shows them on a map to better help you visualize the time differences, but helps you schedule meetings across time zones too.

How do people feel about World Clock Pro. World Clock is a totaly intuitive way to quickly understand what the time is all around the globe.